The smiling tiger

A tiger with a smile on his face.

A tiger with no one to embrace.


A tiger yellow and black, roaming in the outback.

A tiger ready to attack, only to realize he is the only one to want that.


It’s been a while since this creature has run away to find adventure. He has come across it, indeed, far more than he expected. He wasn’t aware that in the countries he went, there were as many disorders than in the place he left, a lot happier. He thought that going wild was the perfect way to find peace of mind.


What a mistake !


He is beginning to accept that his journey didn’t give him what he expected, nor happiness, nor money ; juste more questions to avoid a turmoil ; just more stress and a complete mess.


But he keeps smiling, to hide his complete fears, to pretend he is nothing but lost in a field.


Nowadays, he carries on travelling, convinced to discover at least, the beginning of an answer, or a small clue to help him avoid a disaster :


the obvious truth that he is totally lost.


But he is a tiger.

But he must pretend to be stronger, to wipe all the doubts away, to roar as loud as he is able to say,


for no reason, for the sole fact of being lonesome ;

to make noise, to be more impressive than a turtle ;

not to cry and admit he hasn’t reach the sky he was aiming for, that he is stuck in a place worst than the Mordor.


So what now, apart from shouting vows ? What to avoid a complete chaos ? What to become what he’s craving for


a hero with a strengh never seen before ?


One simple thing : stop smiling.

One simple step : stop trying to be perfect.

One simple action : start his own revolution.


Being a tiger has nothing to see with accepting barriers. It’s a question a expressing its might, it’s a attitude to be the same in the dark or in the light. It’s a necessity to overcome its abililty and try again and again to break all the chains.

It’s not purring and pretending to be a pretty thing. It is not laughing at every joke, even sordid. It’s not compromising with the devil. It’s not being a fighter in the middle of a ring.


Being a tiger is not giving a damn of the futur. It’s living intensely every second, every day as it was warm and sunny. It’s accepting to be the one considered as a king.


So what will you do now, pretty little cat ? Shivering like a rat or jumping to get out of the pack ?

You’re not meant to stay in a cage, how comfortable and cosy it might seems.


You’re a tawny, you’re a beast, not a stuffed accessory dusting on a chimney !

Get your claws out ! Be wild and shout ! Be that god that feels no doubt, sure of his destiny, confident in the infinity.


And god damn it : run at last !

Not to avoid to leave any trace

but to create a world on your own,

but to fullfil your goals :


create a kingdom of light and gold



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