The egg

Laurent Hellot – 2017 © Médium toi-même ! -

Pure white and bold,

empty oval, nothing to hold,


an egg, as a secret to unfold.


Its owner looks at it, puzzled and impatient, as out of it is gonna come a giant. It is quite true indeed ; but what the owner has forgotten is that he doesn’t have to wait to succeed.


It is obvious a miracle can pop up at any time, but it also sure that there is no point waiting and moaning at a table.


If this man expects an event to move forward, he mights as well be himself the giant. Hoping for someone else to give you all the answer is as childish as crying when it becomes darker.


Take your egg and make it travel : you’ll find on your way what you need to avoid to crumble. But if you keep on hesitating, you soon won’t be looking at your egg anymore, but will become trapped in it, as surrounded by closed doors.


So move on, with all your talents, and you’ll understand you are much more than an egg or a giant :

a simple human being,

which is for you a blessing.