The panther and the tiger

Laurent Hellot – 2017 © Médium toi-même ! -

A panther and a tiger crawling along in the jungle.

A panther following the path of a master, although feeling single.

A panther which should not be considering this beast as a leader, since of THIS eagle.


Theses two wildcats have been travelling together for a while, one being the leader, the other like a child. Each of them was accepting as normal that equality was left behind, as a couple with no balance, as an evidence that there would be no great chance of carrying on this way, with the tiger ahead and the panther on a lead.

Everyone that would see them would accept to kneel and to bend, in respect and fear, to be eaten or left in tears. Their power was so intense that the jungle itself was in trance, to shelter such animals that make all the others froze.


And then it happened.


Not quite sure if this was hell or heaven, but an eagle tried to join them, for a while, despite the frame of such a narrow path, and no escape, nor aftermath. He knew from the beginning that his attempt was going to make all of them bleed ; but he needed to fullfil this deed : hurt theses two wildcats so deeply that it changes their lives entirely.

It was harsh, it was painful, but the eagle was blissful. He chose to sacrifice himself to help at least one of the beasts to progress : a life for another ; two hearts and soul mixed together.


And it worked.


The joy of a maternity that transformed into mercy.

The possible family that exploded into pieces, an infinity.

The usual path that suddenly turns into a marshland.


And the tiger run away, incapable of bearing the reality : he went stray.


Then was this panther, left alone as a monster, having tried to nurse this bird of pray, feeling, experiencing the disaster,


whereas it was simply an act of valor.


At least she tried to accept that there could be something greater than teaching everyone how they were small and lonesome, than pretending to be the ones, the only capable of understanding the maelstrom.


Vanity, prejudice, pride :

everything that the panther has now left behind, whereas the tiger is still carrying it like a curse, his brain convinced to know the truth, his soul totally lost and looking for prooves that his is still right,

this poor cat stuck in the night, roaming in the dark, incapable of any spark.


But this panther, but this eagle ?

Still together, of course. Although the panther thinks she has failed, she is miserable, she is incapable ; but she is the one who is now going to find the light, even though she doesn’t feel anymore this wonderful eagle, even though she is told nothing has unfold,


but she now can reach any time, the sun, the sky, on the wings of this eagle, she has nursed and cuddled, she has accepted and hosted.

Yes, she is not a mother, officially, for sure ; but she is much more than this :  greater, stronger, capable of preventing disasters, able to fly higher.


She is no more a panther : she is a star in a world darker,


a miracle that shines forever.

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