The bramble

Laurent Hellot – 2017 © Médium toi-même ! -

A bush, dense and thick.

A land, dry and deep.

And a seed, wild and organic.


It has stuck in the ground, as a rabbit trying to hide from a greyhound. It has waited years and years, underneath the surface, for this rare and amazing grace :


a drop of water.


And it came one day, through the shadow of a cloud, grey, full of water and mellow. One single breath, one simple help : this pure bliss was released free like a kiss, to embrace the soil and create a sudden turmoil.


The result was unexpected, a tiny green leaf that broke the hard and dry rock, constituted by centuries of expectation and dispair in the lost desert.


This seed grew, this plant rose and revealed to the world and above what she was made of : a strong emerald stem, and hundred of thorns ; not any gentle and kind creature, but a strong and wild fighter ; not a wonderful and fragile flower, but a spine with a sword on each side her.


It would have been indeed much more appreciated that this seed turned out to be a waterlily, pink and graceful, or a poppy, amazing and colorful.


But nope : a perennial and stuboned bramble, lost in this place, right in the middle.


One can cry and shout. The evidence is there, with no doubt ; the reality is obvious ; this creature is the sole one to be able to survive and become famous, as the only and first vegetable to cope with such a dramatic environment, miserable.


One can disagree, complain that it isn’t what is going to make all free.

But who are they to decide what is wrong and what is right ?


They wanted a proof that the earth is capable of creating wonders, collapsing walls and break rooves. They got one, ten, hundreds… How comes they carry on being blured ?


They say that what they get isn’t what they expect.

Of course it is ! Life is not a gentle and quiet breeze. It is a typhoon, transforming your dreams into cartoons, making you scream that a nightmare is about to begin. But they don’t see what hide being the screen of what they consider as unbearable steam.


They should have a new look towards what they think is an endless loop, a error in their ideal hopes.


The bramble, this one precisely that didn’t fullfil their payers and that they consider as a disaster, it went on growing, it is now as a tree, offering a cool shade, revealing a spring, and most of all : generously sharing its strength,


energy, leaves, flowers and blackberries.


Life, in its mysteries.