The valley

Laurent Hellot – 2017 © Médium toi-même ! -

A deep valley, narrow and misty.

A massive rock, grey and mossy.

A total silence, as everything was lost and empty.


Wherever you look, there are only cliffs and fog. There is no way you can turn away or avoid, being dizzy and cold. This place is a thousand years old or petrified in a black hole. It is a memory or a symbol of what you must not be or become.

You can try to listen, or call, there will be no one to answer or recall, only you and your sorrows, full of questions like : « How on earth did I get lost in this direction ? »

You remembered though, having choosen the lovely beach and the bright sun. How comes you made the wrong turn ? How did you get there, in the middle of nowhere, alone and abandoned, with nobody to share your fear ?

It is although clear you had an aim : be the explorer of power and fame. You started running non stop, only to grab everything you could, with even no will or hope, just the urge to become a new pope, almighty and great, whatever the time and the sweat. Your only obsession was to be fast and strong, to ignore any wickness, to look away and think you were blessed, because you were making it, you were the one to be lifted in the sky, high above, to rise, rise….


And then it ended.

And suddenly, you faded.

And at one moment, you hurt a glass ceiling,


and smashed into it,

without even realizing it,

keeping on moving a bit,


till you started screaming.


Yes, that was it. You knew you had given it away, you thought you were doomed that way. You shivered with horror, you screamed like you saw a mirror, and your face in it, being slashed into bits.


And you started falling.


A long, continual fall, with the wind at your hears like a turmoil ;

an endless torture, in which you could see all the chances you spoiled, all the loves that were gone, all the mistakes that had been done,

yours, and yours only ; the choices you made fully, the decisions that were wrong, the messages you didn’t see, you chose to ignore, hoping to become a lord, a king, whatever would avoid you to look at


that ring, gold and shiny,

on your finger, that you put on as a baby,

a message to remember what you are doing on this earth,


having a re-birth,

not running after fame,

but exploding the frame,

of ambition, of greed,

to plant seeds, to grow trees,


to be the one that rolls up his sleeves,

to embrace the Light or leave,

to transfigure his dreams,

into the reality.


But here you are now, in this valley with no sun, hollow ; no horizon to look at, no friend to whom to say :  « Hello ! », but you and your ego.


You failed miserably, you are in a total disgrace actually,


and you know it perfectly.


There is one thing you can do, and one only, to avoid maundering eternally : grab this ring and rise it proudly, make it shine in the grey and the misty, to create the light that you were looking for intensely.


If you do so now, you’ll see


the clouds disappearing,

the sun shining,

and this valley becoming the Eden you were searching.


No more lonelyness, nor crying ; just the bliss of having done the right thing.

No more questions, nor running at ramdom ; just all the answers to reach wisdom.


It is up to you. You can wait, hoping for the wind to blow these gloomy days. You can pray for an angel to hear you say : « Get me out of here, as you may ! » The only evolution, or outcome you’ll get will be to face your fate, getting still, getting cold, like a rolling stone, soon covered in moss, one more, like the others, forgotten in their lust, petrified in the wild.

A total waste of time.


This valley will still be there, whatever your yells, whatever your spells : a perfect and isolated prison : the one inside your own world.


So decide now, to crumble or to grow, to be buried or to get rid of your vanity, your useless desires,


To become a savior,

of your own fate,

of your future debt,


to thank the Universe to have given you another chance to pulse


with joy and happiness,

with love and kidness,

instead of getting lost in this madness.


Follow the light you hold,

and be that pure soul,

freed from greed, and vibrating at such a speed 



showing simply


the star it can be.